#NewMixtape Major D The Official – Stepping Stones @therealmajor_d @KushMixtapez @SendMeHipHop @EveryDayHipHop1 #TeamPromoHipHop



Major D, which stands for Major Dedication, sharpened his teeth on the pavement of the mean streets of Oakland California. With his ability to blend yet stand out with his style – whether its hood hip hop, clean hip hop, R&B and even Pop – you can always hear the dedication he puts in when it’s coming out of your speakers.
Major D is the writer, artist, producer and engineer for all of his work; with him knowing the full process it keeps him humble. Working with artists from London, South Africa, and artists from all over the United States, Major D is spreading his brand with both his newest solo mix tape, Stepping Stones and his own multimedia production company, Triple M Visions (Money.Music. Militia). The future of Major D The Official looks bright, and he is definitely dedicated towards pressing on towards his dreams of success – hence his name: Major D(Dedication).


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